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Confidential Recovery Expands its Outpatient Program Schedule to Respond to Fentanyl Epidemic

April 06, 2022 Episode 124
KISS PR Brand Story Press Release Service Podcast
Confidential Recovery Expands its Outpatient Program Schedule to Respond to Fentanyl Epidemic
Show Notes

California led all states in overdose deaths in 2021 with over 6,000+. “Opioids, like fentanyl, are to blame, being involved in 70% of fatal overdose deaths in the United States,” says Scott H. Silverman, Founder and CEO of Confidential Recovery.

Confidential Recovery now offers both daytime and night programs at its San Diego outpatient rehab to better accommodate their clients’ schedules. “The evidence shows that the longer newly recovered people continue clinical activities like outpatient treatment, the more likely they are to achieve successful long-term recovery,” says Scott.

Outpatient drug rehab clients are often have recently completed a more acute residential treatment program and have returned home. Many are returning to the workforce, so they value the flexibility that Confidential Recovery’s outpatient program affords. “Many of our clients are busy with the demands of their professional and personal lives, so we wanted to make it as convenient as possible to stay ‘plugged in’ to a clinical support system.”

Embracing Medication Assisted and Telehealth Treatment For Better Outcomes

Confidential Recovery supports many who are in recovery from an SUD and taking advantage of medications like Suboxone, which reduce withdrawal discomfort and cravings. This is known as medication assisted treatment (MAT). “When we combine frequent clinical interactions with medication assisted treatment (MAT), we are treating the ‘whole person,’ and are really getting some great results, better than ever before,” says Scott H. Silverman.

Confidential has also recently expanded its telehealth infrastructure and can provide drug treatment to its clients remotely. Telehealth counseling allows recovering people to stay connected with others in treatment and their clinical support system. “The evidence shows that telehealth counseling is as effective as ‘in person’ meetings, and the ability of our clients to stay connected to clinical activities via telehealth makes a huge difference in their recovery outcomes,” Silverman says.

He continues, “Telehealth substance use disorder treatment has allowed us to remove the transportation barrier for many of our clients, we have been able to help people with disabilities. We have been able to help those who are in a rural location or were sheltering in place during COVID-19. There’s a wide variety of reasons that our clients prefer to attend treatment via telehealth. We are just happy to allow more people to benefit from the help that is available.”

About Scott H. Silverman and Confidential Recovery

Scott H. Silverman is also the author of The Opioid Epidemic and frequently makes appearances on television discussing the addiction trends that are impacting our lives. He created Confidential Recovery in 2015 to provide the men and women of San Diego California a private and highly clinical outpatient treatment program for substance use disorders. Find out more at:

+National Center For Drug Abuse Statistics

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