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Telegram Bot Harnesses AI Power to Solve Serious Issues on the Telegram Messaging App

June 20, 2022 Episode 200
KISS PR Brand Story Press Release Service Podcast
Telegram Bot Harnesses AI Power to Solve Serious Issues on the Telegram Messaging App
Show Notes

Telegram Messenger has become a popular platform for its advanced cloud usage and different features. The application offers multiple applications to different businesses more than just being a messaging app. It is also a community platform for crypto startups and other blockchain-based projects. However, with the ever-increasing usage, the app is susceptible to many issues like spam messages and adult content. To protect users from these issues, platforms like Telegram Bot provide smart solutions like anti-spam features and AI-powered adult content filtering.

What is Telegram Bot?

As the name suggests, the Telegram Bot is an effective AI-based Telegram application that effectively manages groups with its unique features. Its offerings do not limit any group size, traffic, or purpose. With the Telegram bot for groups, one can manage group chats, track users, and keep spammers at bay. Among its versatile range of features, Telegram Bot’s flagship tools are its Anti-spam feature and adult content filtering.

Telegram Bot features

The application delivers high performance and speed, ensuring negligible wait times. With its advanced safety measures and latest technology, the developers guarantee its 24 x 7 reliability, results of which are visible on their website.

In addition to being safe and reliable, Telegram offers the following features:

User greetings: The bot welcomes new joiners and displays group rules per the client's requirements.

Voice transcription: The bot can transcribe voice messages into text.

Antivirus scanning: The bot employs over 50 antivirus scanners that filter all messages and files containing any malicious link or infected attachments.

Spam fighting: Spam messages can disrupt the message chain for groups offering important updates and information. Telegram Bot offers spam filters to prevent users from clicking on potential links or distract users.

Prohibited words: The bot also comes with a bad words filter and deletes all such messages per the group admin requirements.

Filter inappropriate content: The bot filters adult content with AI-powered analytical tools and punishes violators. The bot does not prevent users from using inappropriate profile pictures, photos, gifs, or stickers, ensuring a clean and safe platform.

Profanity filtering: Telegram Bot also has a unique de-escalation feature that ensures peace on the chat platform. The bot deletes messages consisting of swear words.

Announce group rules: For those who do not wish to write down the group rules, the bot uses the anti-spam and group settings to automatically generate a list of rules.

Captcha Protection: The bot also prevents competitors from spamming the group with other bots with the help of captcha protection.

Audit log: It offers an instant overview of changes made by admins and penalties issued by the bot.

Telegram Bot has been protecting users since 2017 with its extensive features. To date, the bot has helped 3,538 groups and 227,246 users.

Telegram Bot offers a free basic version consisting of spam message filtering, audit logs, community support, etc. Their Gold range starts at $6.99 per month, followed by a Platinum and Ultimate plan at $11.99 and $43.99 per month, respectively. They also offer one-time plans and year plans.

Telegram Bot is available as the Telegram Bot app or LittleGuardian