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SSQUZA has Launched a Luxury Bedding Partner Program for Influencers and Dropshippers

August 25, 2022 Episode 245
KISS PR Brand Story Press Release Service Podcast
SSQUZA has Launched a Luxury Bedding Partner Program for Influencers and Dropshippers
Show Notes

LegendBedding, a multi-channel eCommerce platform for Best Sateen Sheets, feels proud to announce the launch of its new luxury bedding partner program for influencers and drop shippers.

After Covid-19, the majority of people moved to online earning as physical earning got interrupted at the time of the pandemic. So, the company decides to offer a program that can assist influencers and drop shippers to earn a handsome amount to meet their goals in life. SSQUZA has the motive to become one of the biggest brands in the online world. The company is striving hard to assure quality and customer satisfaction. Click here to join the partner program

The demands of consumers are evolving with every passing day. So, there is a need to have some latest strategies that can meet consumers' emerging demands. The company believes a partner program would be beneficial in this regard. Marketers from different mediums work well to promote the products and generate more revenue. It will surely help to eradicate the income barrier because of pandemics or any other issue.

“Joining the LegendBedding Partner Program ensures that the company meets the demands for online suppliers and merchants,” said Ubaid Sheikh, CEO, LegendBedding.

How Partner Program will be Beneficial for Influencers and Dropshippers?

Influencers and drop shippers will get lots of benefits by joining our partner program. First of all, it is easy to join our program. Even if a person is not technology-friendly, still he/she can easily understand our rules and regulations and become a part of our program. Secondly, you will be your own boss. Also, this program allows partners to earn extra income. Furthermore, influencers, who are looking for a program to kickstart their business, are most welcome to join us. Our partners can access the inventory to know all details and availability of our products. They will be in a contact with our dedicated sales team. In this way, they can be up-to-date. In addition to it, they may ask for anything to clear their queries and to boost their sales. The partners are not financially tied to anyone.

About LegendBedding

SSQUZA (Legendbedding) - a world-class bedding store - has grown since its inception to give you the best bedding experience.

Our competent team excels in making your dreams come true regarding beddings. We are not just a company, but also a collaboration. Our aim is to bring families together. We believe that beds are not just for sleeping or spending spare time alone, but they can be used for gatherings, having eatables, and no doubt a good sleep after a tiring day. So, we are striving hard to fulfill our goals by providing you with quality beddings in lots of impressive designs.

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