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Nate Co Founder of TapMob Interviewed by Qamar Zaman Host of Subject Matter Experts

August 29, 2022 KISS PR Brand Story by Qamar Zaman
KISS PR Brand Story Press Release Service Podcast
Nate Co Founder of TapMob Interviewed by Qamar Zaman Host of Subject Matter Experts
Show Notes

00:00] Nate CO (Guest): I locked myself in locked myself in my room for about two months and tried to figure it out. I had my first breakthrough and I made $100. And that was so amazing to me. And really, ever since then, I quit everything and all wanted to do was focus on that. I wanted to focus on how could I make money online and how could I make money on my own terms.

[00:20] Qamar Zaman (Host): Very interesting. So when you talk about this project, you said you're a tech geek. Like, in terms of the technology aspect of it, did you build it all by yourself or did you bring in teams to help us understand how difficult or how easy is it to build an application like this?

[00:37] Nate CO (Guest): Yeah, sure. I definitely did not build it myself, and I feel like I lucked out and I really built some amazing relationships with some very talented people. My co-founder is also a full stack developer and also very extremely smart and knowledgeable in the space. So we kind of both saw this opportunity and we put our heads together to build this technology.

[00:58] Qamar Zaman (Host): And is your co-founder and your team US. Based or you have all over the world?

[01:04] Nate CO (Guest): Right, so our core team is in the US. But we do have a team also in the Philippines as well.

[01:11] Qamar Zaman (Host): So that's one thing that I learned. I started my business about 20 years ago, and I found that you don't have to be in one place. You can build teams as long as you have leadership, you can build a great product, you demonstrate. And I've talked to so many founders, demonstrated, and Covet taught us. I think one thing that I've learned from Covet is that we had to go out of our comfort zone to go to places where we could find resources because some resources were not even available to us locally. So that's great news. So now tell us about the app. What does it do and how does it make you money and make the money for the people that are your clients? Give us in-depth information on that.

[01:59] Nate CO (Guest): Yeah, great. So Tat Mob at the moment is sort of your traditional affiliate marketing network, but it's heavily catered towards creators and influencers. We strongly believe that creators and influencers are essentially the next generations of affiliates and marketers. Like I said before, some of these guys are extremely talented at creating content, but don't necessarily have an eye for business. And sort of that's how we come into play. We're able to connect creators with big brands and affiliate offers. In order for them to kind of seamlessly connect, the creator can promote the brand, and the brand could have awareness on social media.

[02:41] Qamar Zaman (Host): So help me walk me through. So let's say I'm a creator, which I am. How can I monetize by connecting through your application? What is the process looks like?

02:56] Nate CO (Guest): Yeah, it's very simple. So basically you would download the app, you would get signed up, input all of your social media information, and you would go through an approval process. After the approval process, you'll essentially be able to look at a list of affiliate offers or brands that are willing to pay you to promote. And it's as simple as just grabbing your link and putting it into your social media profile, whether it be TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, wherever, anywhere you have an audience. When you promote it to the audience, the end user will take an action, whether it's downloading an app or m

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