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Hironobu Ueno, CEO of Blockchain Gaming Platform double on Subject Matter Experts Podcast

September 06, 2022 KISS PR Brand Story by Qamar Zaman
KISS PR Brand Story Press Release Service Podcast
Hironobu Ueno, CEO of Blockchain Gaming Platform double on Subject Matter Experts Podcast
Show Notes

In an interview with an expert in the field of blockchain gaming, Qamar Zaman, host of the subject matter experts podcast, educates his listeners on the future of blockchain gaming.

Speaker A: Thanks for tuning in to the Subject Matter Expert podcast where we interview leaders and experts today on this show, I have the pleasure of introducing Hiro Nibu Uno and Tommy Brooks. They are from Fintech company. We will get to know more about them. And before we do, let me give you some background. Hiro. Nibu is a founder of Tokyo Jump. Double Tokyo Jump. That's the right name of the company. And he brings over two decades of technical expertise as an engineer and a tech leader. In his venture. He has supported he's supported by international team with expertise in marketing, gaming, finance, blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrencies, which are right now the biggest topic of the decade. Their experience includes developing Fintech projects and they have worked with various projects in the past. So we'll get to know about them. So thanks for being on the show. Who would like to go first?

Speaker B: Maybe we can go with Kiranobu. I will be translating for sure.

Speaker A: So he can go ahead and start his introduction and then you can translate.

Speaker B: Hieronobu. He's the founder CEO of Double Jump. His background is actually in finance. He's an engineer. He has been in the finance industry. But with a lot of the developments of blockchain games and NFT's growing in the past, he founded his company back in 2018. That's Double Jump Tokyo.

Speaker A: Okay, great introduction to know more about him. So tell us about Double Jump Tokyo and what is the company presented to do in this space in Fintech or blockchain?

Speaker B: Double jump. Tokyo, we are lockchain Game Development Company. We're actually one of the leading Japanese startups in this industry. We also offer solutions for top gaming and entertainment companies, providing them as blockchain technology solutions. We develop our own blockchain games but also offering services with our experience and knowledge, offering consultation and other services to these top enterprise companies.

Speaker A: I see. So if I understood this correctly, Double Jump Tokyo is a technology company. Is that correct?

Speaker B: Correct. So we can say we're a blockchain technology company or technology solution provider offering these larger scale enterprises, helping them successfully incorporate blockchain into their strategy and apps and games.

Speaker A: And on top of that, your company, the Double Jump Tokyo, also has its own games that it has developed as part of the ecosystem.

Speaker B: Yes? Correct.

Speaker A: And what are some of those games?

Speaker B: The most well known one we developed is called My Crypto Heroes. It was developed back in 2019. It's actually achieved number one in rankings back then for in terms of ethereum sales in transactions. And it's fairly well known as being like the pioneer in blockchain game. That's one of the games we developed. Another one is codeveloped game called Brave Frontier Heroes. This also achieved top rankings, number two for Ethiopian Sales. But these are the two major titles that we've developed on our own.

Speaker A: I see. Interesting. And if somebody wants to learn about these games, where could they go? And download them and play or learn more about them.

Speaker B: Excellent question. Yeah, it's a web browser based game so you can access it from the browser. There are some apps that we have develo

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