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The First Data-Driven NFT Awards

November 21, 2022 Episode 486
KISS PR Brand Story Press Release Service Podcast
The First Data-Driven NFT Awards
Show Notes

At 6 pm, November 11, 2022, the first data-driven NFT awards ceremony hosted by T3 Event kicked off in MEET Las Vegas. The quantitative award-winners are selected based on on-chain data and analytics.

The audience includes members from VCs and incubators, crypto exchanges, launchpads, NFT projects and communities--Plug-and-Play Crypto, BitMart, OKX, OP3N, and Galxe, to name a few. NFTGo is the exclusive data partner that provides Ethereum data and analytics, while provides data and analytics on the Solana blockchain. In addition, many blue-chip NFT communities and holders, such as BAYC, Doodles, Azuki, Cool Cats, and DegenToonz, came to the celebration.

Lucky draw platform, provided three rounds of giveaways, with over $10,000 worth of Hermès blind boxes, Las Vegas night club gift cards, and on-chain giveaways that include Angry Cats, 10k World Cup, and other NFT whitelists.

The awards ceremony was live-streamed on YouTube, with notable guests as award presenters. The presenters include:

  • Josh Payne: NFT analytics platform Atlas co-founder who previously co-founded Autograph.
  • Jaeson Ma: OP3N CEO and influencer.
  • Shelby Alexandra Hayne: painter, artist, and KOL.

And many other notable names in the industry.

DegenToonz co-founder Bader received the Community of the Year award in person. Sean L., Nansen's NFT product manager, received the Best Analytics Platform award via pre-recorded video. Other recipients include BAYC community representatives for both US and Chinese communities for the Top NFT Project by Market Cap (Ethereum) award. The list of all award finalists and winners is listed below.


Top NFT Project by Market Cap (ETH) 

Finalist: CryptoPunks / Otherdeed for Otherside / Bored Ape Yacht Club 

Winner: Bored Ape Yacht Club 

Top NFT Project by Market Cap (Solana)

Finalists: OK Bears / Solana Monkey Business / DeGods

Winner: DeGods

The Whale Favorite Project

Finalists: Nouns / CryptoPunks / Bored Ape Yacht Club

Winner: CryptoPunks

Trader of the Year

Finalists: 0x577eBC5De943e35cdf9ECb5BbE1f7D7CB6c7C647 



Winner: 0x577eBC5De943e35cdf9ECb5BbE1f7D7CB6c7C647

NFT Collector of the Year

Finalists: garyvault.eth / wilcox.eth / vault.luggies.eth

Winner: garyvault.eth

Top Marketplace by Sales Volume & No. of Traders (ETH)

Finalists: GEM / X2Y2 / Opensea 

Winner: Opensea

Top Valuation by investment

Finalists: Doodles / Yuga labs / Chiru Labs 

Winner: Yuga labs


Community of the Year

Winner: DegenToonz

Finalists: DEADFELLAZ / Quirkies / DegenToonz 

Most Innovative Technology

Finalists: Chiru Labs: ERC721A / Chiru Labs: PBT / Makarov: Lockable NFT

Winner: Chiru Labs: ERC721A

Best Analytics Platform 

Finalists: Nansen / NFTGo / Dune

Winner: Nansen

And the Notable awards include:

Notable and up-and-coming projects:

Notable Lucky Draw Tool:


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