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November 23, 2022 Episode 495
KISS PR Brand Story Press Release Service Podcast
Show Notes

DOKODEMO officially opened its new regional office in the CALIFORNIA ST SAN FRANCISCO since 30th of July 2022, from which it will spearhead its growth in Western countries and apply for Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on Monday.

DOKODEMO’s spokesperson, said that the company is profitable. It plans to list the company on the NYSE stock markets in the next nine months and expects to list its shares under the symbol DKDM. “But above all, it is an endeavours towards making ECommerce marketing simple and more accessible. The collective efforts of our partners and users have not only helped us accelerate our growth but also ensured that more merchants understand the importance of having website traffic.”

He added that the setting up of the DOKODEMO affiliate system is also to provide more dividends and opportunities for everyone in the digital economy. The company now has more data scientists, engineers, and product developers in various domains like payments and cyber security to improve the user experiences in the affiliate system. The company will accelerate the pace at which it acquires and develops more users in the Ecommerce and marketing fields to sustain its growth and listing.

As of today, DOKODEMO Affiliate Marketing System, which aims to help merchants and users through marketing technology to build stronger financial capacity and better future, has benefited more than 700,000 users since 2019 and it will continue expand globally.

For more information, please visit the website at


Contact Person: Morimasa Taguchi



Telephone: +16465523095

City: San Francisco

Address: CALIFORNIA ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94111, United States.

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