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Rho Nutrition Begins Its Mission to Offer Health Lovers Vitamins Backed by Liposomes

November 26, 2022 Rho Nutrition Episode 504
KISS PR Brand Story Press Release Service Podcast
Rho Nutrition Begins Its Mission to Offer Health Lovers Vitamins Backed by Liposomes
Show Notes

Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2022) - Rho Nutrition, which leverages liposomal technology to aid in the absorption of its vitamins by the human body, has announced the online launch of its products. Co-founded in 2022 by Ryan Bishop and George Padilla, the company offers supplements and sprays for a variety of problems, including immunity, healthy skin, antioxidants, heart health, and insomnia. 

"We are excited about the rollout of Rho Nutrition, as it represents our commitment to offering consumers vitamins that were made for them, not for profit," says Ryan. "George and I both worked in the supplement industry for many years and witnessed the issues that were prevalent, including a lack of quality ingredients and low absorption rates. To address these problems, we leveraged our expertise and the best suppliers of innovative technology, who helped us to use liposomes to potentially increase the absorption rate of vitamins." 

George explains that liposomes guard vitamins against stomach acids and then transport them to different tissues in the body. "They basically act as bodyguards for supplements, resulting in up to 8-10 times more absorption. It is the first significant innovation in the industry in nearly thirty years," he says.

The supplements offered by Rho Nutrition focus on four primary ingredients and are taken in a flavored liquid form, which can be taken on its own by the teaspoon or added to water, juice, or a smoothie. The company's Sleep Mist is sprayed directly into the mouth. 

While Rho Nutrition is focused on the launch of its online products, the company is in talks with vitamin clinics and independent pharmacies about offering its supplements in stores. The company is also focused on bringing its products to consumers across the United States and Canada.

"We hope to close out 2022 with strong online sales, as we are getting a lot of positive feedback from individuals who appreciate supplements that are backed by science," says Ryan. "In 2023, we plan to work hard to reach a wider market and make Rho Nutrition a company that is trusted because of its transparency and commitment to the proper absorption of vitamins."

The supplements offered by Rho Nutrition were made by vitamin lovers for people who value health and wellness. The company uses liposomes to increase the absorption of its products, with the goals of helping individuals to feel more energized and to live fuller lives.

For more information about Rho Nutrition or how liposomes aid in the absorption of supplements, please see the company's website or contact:

Rho Nutrition
(754) 231-3542

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